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Sonja Trampuš PhD

Sonja Joy (Trampus) PhD

Teaching Business English is my Passion

I love working with people. I myself love learning languages as well. The best language teachers are the ones who are multilingual and are passionate about learning other languages. Only the teachers who love learning languages can truly understand what learners of languages really need.



Business English Courses

All courses are designed to give you a complete knowledge of Business English to be fully functional in the business world.



Cambridge Business English Exams

Preparation for these Cambridge business exams is going help you improve all your English language skills and increase your confidence in using English at work.


Alpha-Theta Language Learning

Alpha-Theta Language Learning helps you focus on HERE AND NOW

This approach speeds up the learning process so you start speaking faster. Traditional school approach to language learning which focuses on learning grammar and vocabulary stays on the surface as it only functions on the mental level. However, alpha-theta frequencies open your subconscious so the language penetrates deeper layers of your being.



English as the global language of communication

In non-English speaking countries people have gradually learned to embrace the fact that being fluent in Business English means keeping their jobs.

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