Sonja Trampuš PhD

The creator of this groundbreaking method of learning Business English is Sonja Joy (Trampus) PhD. She has been teaching Business English in companies and business schools in Slovenia, Germany and Austria for more than 25 years.

She got her PhD in Teaching Business English from Dortmund University, Germany. Her dissertation focused on speaking and writing in authentic business situations. Her extensive research was carried out at Business Academy I in Salzburg, Austria, where she studied spoken and written performances of business students enrolled in the elite bilingual programs as well as standard Austrian business school programs.

She loves helping adults improve their speaking and writing skills in professional English. She feels so grateful for teaching in companies and business schools in Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Essen, Bochum, Gelsenkirchen, Marl and Hagen because at the moment Germany is definitely the biggest, the most developed and most important market for Business English in the world.

For the Germans, like for many other people in non-English speaking countries around the globe, constant practice in speaking and writing English in business has become the way of life. The Germans attend English speaking courses routinely every week just like they go to the gym or their massage therapist every week.

Teaching Business English is my Passion

I love working with people. I myself love learning languages as well. The best language teachers are the ones who are multilingual and are passionate about learning other languages. Only the teachers who love learning languages can truly understand what learners of languages really need.

Long-time experience

I have been helping professionals working in various fields, ranging from engineers, physicians, therapists, various entrepreneurs, politicians, lawyers, real-estate professionals, people working in insurance, scientists, human resources people, marketing specialists, accountants, military officers, chemists, … to speak and write.

All of them were able to understand English quite well, but when it came to speaking and writing or PRODUCING the spoken and written messages, they felt blocked.

I have been helping adults loosen up, relax, trust, stop controlling every word they say and just enjoy speaking English in meaningful professional contexts.

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