Alpha-Theta Language Learning helps you focus on HERE AND NOW

We all know that all our power is here and now.

  • This is also the power of meditation: being with all your energy HERE AND NOW.
  • This is an active approach. In order to speak, you need to focus on HERE AND NOW. If you make a mistake, you cannot pause, go back and delete the wrong sentences
  • There is no bluffing, it is about producing English at this moment.
  • If you want to become fluent in English, my Alpha-Theta Approach to learning Business English will help.

Alpha-Theta Language Learning is joyful.

My experimental way of learning to speak the language also uses joyful alpha-theta brainwaves of children so you can easily relax and let the language penetrate deeper layers of your being. Therefore, alpha-theta language learning helps adults to relax, let go, play, enjoy and stop controlling the learning process.

This approach speeds up the learning process so you start speaking faster. Traditional school approach to language learning which focuses on learning grammar and vocabulary stays on the surface as it only functions on the mental level. However, alpha-theta frequencies open your subconscious so the language penetrates deeper layers of your being.

Alpha-theta language learning is like learning in meditation because alpha-theta frequencies support higher levels of consciousness. It is a well-known fact that learning in meditation has a profound impact on the success of your.

The language center in your brain is like a muscle in your body that needs time to get stronger. So just like muscles in your body, the language center in your brain cannot strengthen overnight. It needs time and patience.Alpha-Theta Language Learning is going to shorten your time to get fluent. But do not have unrealistic expectations. Every good thing needs time. Becoming fluent needs time and consistent practice.

The language center in your brain is like a muscle that needs consistent practice to remain fluent in the language. If you do not practice speaking for a few months and do not listen to the joyful alpha-theta input for a longer time, you will find it harder to speak. If you do not use it you lose it. Practicing speaking is like training muscles in your body. If you do not train the muscles in your body for a few months, they get flabby. If you do not train speaking for a few months, your speaking muscle will get ‘flabby’. Or in other words, you will find it harder to express yourself in the second language.

Becoming fluent in the second language requires patience, trust, time, relaxation, zero control, consistency, perseverance and the element of fun.

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