start speaking fast because their brain is always in the relaxing joyful alpha-theta brainwaves. Children soak up languages faster because they are joyful, playful and relaxed. They do not control the process. They are open to making mistakes. Students learn to speak by trial and error. They speak, make mistakes and learn from their mistakes.


have trouble opening up to speaking the second language because they are conditioned to control all aspects of their lives. However, the language center in our brain does not want to be controlled. If you want to control it, it will freeze. Learning to speak requires trust, playfulness and zero control.

Alpha-Theta frequencies will help you

  • focus on here and now
  • get used to feeling the meaning behind words
  • let go of control
  • enjoy using the language
  • trust the process without trying to understand it

This is for you if

  • You understand English when you read and listen to it but you cannot speak confidently
  • You want to control every word you say in English
  • You feel blocked when you try to speak and write
  • You find it hard to form English sentences

This is not for you

  • If you want fast results without taking the time to listen to alpha theta sentences twice a day, without taking the time to use English with your teacher, without bringing a lot of reading and listening input of English every day
  • If you want to rationalize and control Alpha-Theta approach
  • If you are not willing to trust, let go and just feel the sentences

Alpha-theta language learning is for people who are dedicated to learning and growing

  • Teaching thousands of students in 27 years of my teaching career has helped me realize that alpha-theta language learners are truly special.
  • I feel they are the people whose level of consciousness is on a higher level.
  • They love learning, growing, experimenting without the need to have guarantees.

They are willing to trust with their heart that it works without the need to rationalize it.

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