English as the global language of communication

In non-English speaking countries people have gradually learned to embrace the fact that being fluent in Business English means keeping their jobs.


Nowadays, almost all companies in non-English speaking countries need to do business abroad or cooperate with people from other countries, which means they need to be able to easily switch to English.

English is the global language of business because it is truly the most flexible, the simplest, the most useful and the most beautiful language in the world. It is also the richest in vocabulary of all natural languages.

English is truly amazing! It is powerful in professional, even technical contexts, and it is used powerfully in music, art and movies as well. It is the only natural language that has simplified over centuries, which may be due to its widespread use around the world and the wish of the British to simplify it for the colonies.

English as the global business language is considered ‘the third English’, called Business Lingua Franca (BELF – Business English as Lingua Franca), and it is not connected with the cultural backgrounds of Britain and the USA any more.

What is interesting, around 80% of all English speaking contacts around the world involve at least one non-native speaker of English.

As the world is getting more and more connected there is more and more need for the people in non-English speaking countries to become fluent in speaking in writing English in the business context.

Feeling the Language

My research has shown that in order to speak and write the second language in meaningful communication, you need to FEEL the language.

Why English

Business English is for all adults in non-English speaking countries.

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