It is not about knowing the language, it is about FEELING the language if you want to speak and write

You have to have the language in your heart, not only in your head.

Knowing is in your head and feeling is in your heart.

If you want to speak the language you need to feel it with all your being.

I remember once a student asked me: ‘Please, help me feel English as much as I feel German and Italian. I want to be able to use English not just understand it.’

Many people in non-English speaking countries think they ‘know’ English because they know grammar from school, and they can easily read and understand texts at work and listen to movies, videos without any problem. But when they want to express their views, comments, arguments, they feel they cannot form sentences competently.

It makes sense to me. When you listen to English and read in English, you read and listen to other people’s sentences. But if you want to speak and write, you need to form YOUR OWN sentences.

This is where the whole challenge is. Speaking the language here and now.

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